1. Voyager
    The Soul Architect

  2. Refraction
    Mario Bianco

  3. Evals (Incl. Petar Dundov Remix)

  4. Incomma
    Itamar Sagi

  5. Destiny's Game
    Refresh (Italy)

  6. Belgrade

  7. Slaves EP
    Dirty Channels & Eternal Entropy

  8. Partners In Time
    Kurt Baggaley

  9. Lost Arp Archives
    Kid Culture

  10. Alarm The Sound
    Terrence Parker

  11. Komorebi
    Anie Tera

  12. Trap Door
    Kurt Baggaley

  13. Supernature
    White Jams

  14. Tau
    Francesco Bonora

  15. The Antidote
    Refresh (Italy)

  16. Sweet Candy (Incl. Orlando Voorn Remix)
    Rame & Francesco Bonora feat. Mike Anderson

  17. The Real Luxury (Incl. Boo Williams, Mike Shannon, Tony Lionni, Blue Mondays Remixes)

  18. Deep String
    Guido Nemola

  19. Rainy Vibez
    Roy Gilles

  20. Retoit

  21. Inner Harmony
    Refresh (Italy)

  22. High
    Nice Deepness

  23. Alien Music
    Greg Gow

  24. Sachtmo Theme
    Guido Nemola

  25. Matrix
    Greg Gow

  26. Traps In Hand
    Marcello Arletti & Andrea Setti

  27. Benevolence
    Lonya & Hakimonu

  28. Esperanza
    Jorge Savoretti

  29. My Soul
    Francesco Zani

  30. Pressures (Incl. Rolando, Brendon Moeller, Washerman Remixes)
    Rame & Francesco Bonora

  31. Love Is All Around
    Refresh (Italy)

  32. Vibez

  33. You Can Try
    Gastek & L.D.F. feat. Meei

  34. Solchi
    Cofee Pot

  35. Emotional Phenomena
    Roy Gilles

  36. Close To The Worst

  37. Diffusing Memories
    Moony Me

  38. Tuck (Incl. Terry Lee Brown Junior Remix)

  39. Atmosphere (Incl. Martin Patino & Himan Remixes)
    Greg Gow

  40. I Walk Alone
    Roni Be

  41. Daisy Park (Incl. Echonomist Remix)
    Dj Rame

  42. Don't Party Too Much (Incl. Rick Wade Remix)
    Francesco Bonora & Marcello Arletti

  43. Abstract Selection 2
    Various Artists

  44. Jagged Edges
    Jenifa Mayanja

  45. Slow But True
    Ilya Decado

  46. Filled With Something (Subb-an Remix)
    Julie Marghilano

  47. Through The Ceiling
    DZeta N' Basile

  48. Abstraction (Incl. Pezzner Remix)
    Francesco Bonora & Marcello Arletti

  49. Tory Line (Incl. Patrick Chardronnet Remix)


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